At our medical school, first through fourth year medical students are given the opportunity to become trained in BLS and ACLS, and many in our program go on to become ACLS and BLS instructors, teaching classes to our peers, residents, fellows and attendings. We want out instructors to not only have a solid understanding of the official guidelines and protocols, but to also go above and beyond and be able to teach students the skills they need to effectively resuscitate patients.

In an effort to keep our instructors informed of the latest and greatest research on resuscitation and to have a centralized place to refresh the basics, The Crash Cart was created. Just as crash carts in the hospital store everything you should need to run a code, this website can be your repository of information to run effective codes, give amazing patient care, and be all around great EM medical students. 






David Loyola is currently a fourth-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He completed his undergraduate education in Biology and Psychology at the University of Texas Pan-American, supplementing his college experience with studies in cinematography and performing as a rock/blues bassist. His background in the psychological and creative domains have allowed him to develop support groups for medical students through the Church at the Center in Houston, TX, and to provide web development for the Crash Cart. His interests include tactical medicine, sports medicine, procedures, and autocross racing. 

Vidya Eswaran is currently a fourth-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. She completed her undergraduate education in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using her experience in organizing a variety of community outreach projects from Camp Kesem MITRICE to Mass CPR in Houston, TX, Vidya became an integral part in expanding and perfecting the ACLS/BLS education system at Baylor College of Medicine, ensuring students continue to foment interest and proficiency in resuscitation protocols. Her interests include emergency medicine & critical care, medical education, health policy, and puppies.